Reign of The Bearded Dragon Master

Day One

The story so far...

The town was in ruin from the dragon, and the attackers.
The thick smoke and soot was everywhere, it was burning my lungs and eyes, but no matter, the carnage and death around me had my adrenaline pumping enough to ignore the repugnant invasion of my senses.
“Bloody dragons, thinking they are so mighty, with their fire and size. Curse them”
We were best to stay out of sight, but what I wouldn’t have traded for a way to bring that hubris behemoth down!

With the dancing shadows from all the flames and fires, it was perfect for staying unseen and hidden. Even getting around undetected had been relatively easy up to that point. With all the confusion and pandemonium, the Hunt was going well.

That last group of heretics was more challenging, but dispatching the magic user first proved to be helpful. The other three were handled quickly by that Holy Pirate, and the brazen dragon spawn.
They had been too reckless and shortsighted for our situation, and were jeopardizing the pack so far. That was no way to hunt with so much immediate danger, we needed to keep moving.
The Hermit Wood Elf was tending to some wounds, so I thought it best I stay hidden and scout for danger.

I heard movement from the far alley, I could tell it was a large group coming our direction, and quickly. Several humans emerged from the street over, a severely injured, man, a woman assisting him in his encumbered struggle, and…. dear lord there were children?!
A Rabid pack of kobolds burst through the alleyway in pursuit, their cold dead eyes and frothing mouths were intent on their prey, and gaining quickly.
There were too many attackers for me to slow them down, and moving too slow, the family had no chance!
The women turned to face the horde, standing her ground,
“you fool, they will tear you apart!”
With sudden a flash of gold and bronze on my right, exploding into a ferocious roar that filled street, the reptile Dante madly charged their ranks to attempt in saving the humans.
I fired my arrows as fast as I could loose them, but it wasn’t enough.
In a flash of gruesome teeth steel and claws the kobolds turned on the female, and tore her to shreds. She stood and sacrificed herself, so those pups could have a chance to flee to safety. Collapsed in an unrecognizable heap of crimson, the kobolds turned their attention to Dante. Enraged he took them all on alone.
With a valiant, but yet futile display, he smashed skulls and cut flesh in an angry attempt to avenge the innocent woman he had failed.
Quickly overwhelmed by their sheer numbers, he succumb to their attacks and collapsed. He and I had thinned their ranks slightly, but still too many for us to handle alone. I could do nothing but watch as one of the pack may be killed in front of me I continued my volley of arrows into their foul bodies. Then, the family retreated behind the emerging Cleric from the opposite alley. His weapons drawn and detest glowing in his eyes, he stepped forward Shouting;
“By the might of Kord! you sinful spawn of evil will be cast to the deathly gallows of the deepest sea! ABNEGATE THE FALLEN AND CONFRONT ME! I SHALL DELIVER YOU TO YOUR DOOM!”
The kobolds stood still, staring in disbelief with blank expressions at the Divine Sea Farer. Turning glances at one another, their blank expressions flashed back into villainy, and hatred and rushed forward to meet his demands.
With the kobolds distracted, another blinding streak entered the fray. The druid dashed in and stabilized Dante, and in his attempt to retreat, the kobolds split into two packs, and were on top of him, as well as the Storm Prayer.
The Battle raged, with a valiant struggle we emerged victorious, but only by a slim margin.

Quickly we regrouped and gathered our forces. They revived Dante, while I gathered what ammunition I could recover, then attempted to calm the survivors.
Dante, stood up on his own power with a growl, either in thanks to his menders, or groggy discomfort.
With his blank apathetic look he always carried, stared down at the woman whom had been slaughtered unnecessarily. It was impossible to read his expressionless face, only ever appearing indifferent.
Effortlessly he picked up her limp, lifeless body, and turned to the family. Speaking seemingly with no tone or expression.

“We will protect you, where can we go that you will be safe?”
The man with the injury had the small children cowering at his legs. He meekly could not meet Dantes gaze, while being addressed by the Dragonborn directly, but managed a stammering response.
“T..T…To the keep! We will be safe there, it can be defended. It isn’t far, one street over there and at the end of the road!”

As a group we quickly made our way to the next street, seeing in the distance our destination and salvation. As we rushed toward the building, which appeared to have remained intact, from around the far corner, another hostile group emerged. Cutting off our escape, and standing between us and the safety we were seeking.

Until next session…..



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